[Biococoa-dev] BCSequenceRecord

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 10 20:21:32 EDT 2005

On Jul 10, 2005, at 8:11 PM, Charles Parnot wrote:

>> But if there is a way to have the immutable bcsequence have an NSData 
>> property and the mutable version have an NSMutableData then that 
>> would be more elegant obviously...
>> Cheers,
>> Alex
> You can set an ivar to be NSData, but make it an NSMutableData anyway. 
> With the proper casts, the compiler won't tell anything, and the 
> runtime won't bother... As long as you don't call the wrong methods on 
> the wrong type!!

That's seems very dangerous too!  I prefer Alex's suggestion, by using 
NSData for the immutable sequence and NSMutableData for the mutable 

- Koen.

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