[Biococoa-dev] Sequence Structure

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 13 23:00:40 EDT 2005


I have made a first version of the new BCSequence class. This class  
now contains an NSData ivar that holds the sequence as a char array.  
Init methods have been adapted to create the NSData. The class also  
merges BCAbstractSequence and BCSequence towards a one-class only  
BCSequence structure. I left some notes at the top of BCSequence.m  
and in some of the changed methods.

After BCSequence is finished (will it ever?) a lot of classes need to  
be adapted to use the NSData and/or symbolArray, as well as updated  
to reflect the removal of BCSequence subclasses. So dropping the new  
class in the current project will give many errors. Right now I am  
using a stripped project where most tools, etc have been removed.  
Probably the best strategy will be to one by one add these classes  
back and fix them.

You can find the files here:


And everything is open to change :-)


- Koen.

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