[Biococoa-dev] getting my own posts

Charles Parnot charles.parnot at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 12:32:33 EDT 2005

On Jun 29, 2005, at 3:21 AM, Koen van der Drift wrote:

> On Jun 29, 2005, at 1:10 AM, Charles Parnot wrote:
>> I recently switched to Mail.app, and I don't get my own posts  
>> anymore. Is there some way to get that back?
> You can set that on https://bioinformatics.org/mailman/options/ 
> biococoa-dev (need to login to go to your own settings).
> - Koen.

Thanks, Koen, but it is in fact already set up this way... It used to  
work with my stanford.edu address.

In fact, I found the answer; this is gmail behavior and it is very  

"Mail you send or forward to a mailing list you subscribe to, or to  
an account that forwards messages to your Gmail account, will only  
appear in 'Sent Mail.' This is intended to help prevent clutter in  
your inbox. If a message isn't successfully delivered, you'll receive  
an error message in your inbox."

sorry for the pollution!


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