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Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Thu Mar 3 16:47:53 EST 2005

Sorry guys, terribly busy, but I'll try to catch up again from  
tomorrow... (and the reason is not only the fact that we did not have  
that much snow yesterday in the past 20 years! It took me 1.5 hours  
plowing by bike through 40cm of snow to get to work ;-)

To quickly answer Koen's question:

On 3-mrt-05, at 2:07, Koen van der Drift wrote:
> Alex,
> You have a sequence view in 4peaks. Is this an NSTextView where you  
> use the NSLayoutManager? It might be actually a good idea if we want  
> to make the BCSequenceView a little more advanced.

Yep, it's the JSDTextView from James S. Derry, who thanks you by the  
way in this header comments for some code you helped him with:


     Modify NSTextView for a single, special purpose. We will:
         o non-wrapping text with a line counter to the left.
         o self contained (hence multiple classes in this header)

     We will:
         o hand-build an NSScrollView, NSTextView, NSLayoutManager,  
           and NSTextStorage for textView, and add a JSDNumberView for  
         o allow turning wrapping of text to YES or NO.
         o allow turning line number counting to YES or NO.

     I'd like to give especial thanks to Koen van der Drift  
<kvddrift at earthlink.net>
     for the means to implement the line numbering in the NSTextView  


So it "re-creates" the components of the textview system (though  
conveniently all in one .m/.h filepair).
It does contain a nasty "black flash" bug the first time you use it,  
something I still haven't found a fix for. I was thinking of switching  
to your variant though Koen ;-)
The cocoa textsystem is quite a thing to build, and I'm still figuring  
what would be the best way to go for in our situation, it will be quite  
some work to make that work natively with our bcsequences, but it must  
be possible.
For instance, the "peaks-view" in 4Peaks is completely custom-made,  
basically from scratch. It does use the textediting features from  
NSText though, and also the NSTextContainer, NSTextStorage,  
NSLayoutManager trio to draw the strings (which made it about 500%  
faster than using the NSString drawString: convenience methods).
Anyway, I'll read the other message soon and jump back in...

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