[Biococoa-dev] More on BCSymbolSets

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Sun Mar 6 01:27:56 EST 2005

At 6:50 PM -0500 3/5/05, Koen van der Drift wrote:
>On Mar 5, 2005, at 6:41 PM, Charles PARNOT wrote:
>>We're getting close!
>>In the initializer, it is necessary to check that the BCSymbolSet is the right type before using it, right?
>Ha, in my idea it should be the other way around. The BCSymbolSet defines which symbols are allowed. The user wants to make a protein, so it passes a string/array and the proteinSymbolSet to filter the string/array.
>- Koen.

OK, that works well for BCSequence, but how about that code:

BCSequenceDNA *dna=[BCSequenceDNA initWithString:@"ATGTTTGAT" symbolSet:proteinSymbolSet];

What should happen?


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