[Biococoa-dev] can't compile framework

Philipp Seibel biococoa at bioworxx.com
Tue Mar 8 15:07:54 EST 2005

Hi everybody,

i just checked out the latest version and tried to compile the project, 
but it didn't work. Very strange problem:

BioCocoa_Prefix.h:6:38: Foundation/Foundation.h: No such file or 
BioCocoa_Prefix.h:7:30: AppKit/AppKit.h: No such file or directory

I think it has something to do with the new framework setting. I'm not 
very familiar with framework settings in cocoa, so perhaps anyone can 
help me. please :-)


I want to start with the BCAlignment stuff and there are many things to 

1. what exactly do we want an BCAlignment to be ?
	A slim Datastructure for different Alignment algorithms
	Or a comfortable datastructure, which is perhaps not very useful for 
programs concentrating on performance

2. We need a BCMatrix (protocol or class) for substitution matrices
3. A protocol for alignment generating algorithms
5.. :-) i think it's enough for now

I'd like to know what you think about it and what you want to do with 
alignments in your application


I'm interested in XGrid programming, do you know where i can find the 
api docs for the new XGridFoundation framework ?
I looked in my software seed section in ADC but didn't find it. In my 
tiger distribution is just a demo app and the framework itself, but no 

Do you know where to find the documentation ?


Philipp Seibel

Lehrstuhl für Bioinformatik
Biozentrum, Am Hubland
Universität Würzburg
philipp.seibel at biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de
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