[Biococoa-dev] initWithSymbol

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 12 06:46:30 EST 2005

On Mar 12, 2005, at 2:17 AM, Charles PARNOT wrote:

> While you are on it, it would be nice to replace the methods 
> '+aaForChar' and '+baseForChar' with a unique name like 
> '+symbolForChar' in the subclasses. I have some ugly code in symbol 
> set class that tests the kind of class just to know which method to 
> call. In the case of this method, having the same name makes sense 
> (polymorphism!).
> Now that I think about it, funny how '+symbolForChar' and 
> '-initWithChar' will have different and not so obvious meaning... I 
> have to look at the code, I am not so sure now what the difference is!

Go ahead and make those changes too :)

- Koen.

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