[Biococoa-dev] BCPairwiseAlignment

Philipp Seibel philipp.seibel at byteworxx.de
Sun Mar 13 09:12:38 EST 2005

Am 13.03.2005 um 15:01 schrieb Alexander Griekspoor:

>> My idea was just to put all alignment algorithms into 
>> BCSequenceAlignment as convenient methods. The BCSequenceAlignment 
>> can represent multiple & pairwise alignments, so
>> the categories just came in to make it more readable, nothing else ;-)
>> Hope this was understandable
> Yep, got it, so we're talking about the categories within the same .h 
> file right?
Yes thats it. What do you think about it.
Btw: How can i change the BCAlignment to BCSequenceAlignment. Should i 
create new files ??


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