[Biococoa-dev] string definitions

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 16 19:43:29 EST 2005


While looking at the alignment code (and trying to understand it ;-) I 
noticed the NSString definitions that Philipp put in. I think this is a 
good idea, I suggest we should also use those for reading the plists 
for the BCSymbols and other places. So instead of hardcoding something 

		name = [[symbolInfo objectForKey:@"Name"] copy];

We could define const NSStrings. In this case @"Name" could be replaced 
by BCSymbolName, or something equivalent. I also suggest if we 
implement this, we do this in one general headerfile, instead of each 
individual file.

what do you think?

(BTW what is FOUNDATION_EXPORT, I didn't find it in the devdocs.)

- Koen.

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