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a.griekspoor at nki.nl a.griekspoor at nki.nl
Thu Mar 17 18:34:48 EST 2005

Strange things are happening, within 2 weeks we went from 50cm of snow (last time was 1979) and - 20 (never so cold in march since they started official measurements two centuries ago) to + 20 the coming weekend ;-) hmmm.

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On Mar 17, 2005, at 5:49 PM, John Timmer wrote:

>> That's playing unfair, shitty Dutch weather...
> Not just Dutch.  New York's hardly been a pleasure to live in recently,
> weather wise.  The worst thing is that, having done my PhD at 
> Berkeley, I
> know exactly what I'm missing over in the Stanford area...

We even had snow today in North Carolina :( That stupid groundhog was 
right. But the basketball makes up for that ;-)

- Koen.

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