[Biococoa-dev] testing alignements

Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 21 00:16:53 EST 2005

At 9:49 AM +0100 3/19/05, Philipp Seibel wrote:
>Sorry me writing so late, but i was in cologne for two days.
>I will comment the code soon, i promise.
>Your code doesn't work because you used an old version.... , there is a new version in the cvs since wednesday.
>If the new piece of code doesn't work, please tell.

I profiled the code in Shark (on my old iMac G3 400), and found it spends ~35% of the time reading the score matrix. I don't know if it is worth changing the char mapping to find if things are improved? What do you think, guys?


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