[Biococoa-dev] WWDC 2005 BioCocoa meeting

Peter Schols peter.schols at bio.kuleuven.be
Sun May 29 06:36:52 EDT 2005

Hi Alex,

It sounds like the teleconference was worth it... ;-)
Please let us know how we will/can divide the work. I'm willing to  
help with the organisation of the presentation and discussion.
Are we also supposed to demo BC? ;-)

Best wishes,


On 28 May 2005, at 21:52, <a.griekspoor at nki.nl> <a.griekspoor at nki.nl>  

> Hi guys,
> It's a been quite a while and the BioCocoa mailinglist has come to  
> a rest lately, but let's keep it on the silence before the storm. I  
> spoke to a few a you already offlist already, but I would like to  
> let you know that something is cooking underneath the surface. Due  
> to personal circumstances it was unclear whether Tom and I would go  
> to the WWDC at all, and this was one of the reasons I failed to  
> pursue a BioCocoa meeting at the WWDC. Now the good news is that in  
> the end there will be a BioCocoa meeting after all. Also, Tom and I  
> will leave for SF this thursday. Also Phil and Peter will be there.  
> Last week the scitech people of Apple contacted us if we would like  
> a BioCocoa meeting to be organized. We have held a teleconference  
> to discuss the different options and agreed on the  following:
> - Wednesday night from 19 (hands-on-lab) we will have reserved room  
> to our availability.
> - We will give a short presentation followed by Q&A and dicussions.
> - A number of Apple staff people will be present in the audience.
> - The meeting will be announced during the WWDC and on the website  
> (http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/sciencedev.html)
> Unfortunately, they could not sponsor any seats for non-scholarship  
> candidates, although they might be able to arrange entrance at  
> wednesday night for Charles who's located close by at Stanford.  
> Together we will represent the BioCocoa team and will give a short  
> presentation followed by a discussion session. Hopefully this leads  
> to more interest in the project both from "users" and new  
> developers. Perhaps it's nice to discuss the presentation details,  
> discussion points on the list. The people at Apple asked me to  
> write a short abstract and the topics of the meeting, which had to  
> be done in under and hour, so please bare this in mind...
> More to follow....
> Cheers,
> Alex
> Here's the abstract for the BioCocoa meeting:
> BioCocoa is an opensource Cocoa framework for bioinformatics  
> written in Objective-C. We intend to provide Cocoa programmers with  
> a full suite of tools, to edit and manipulate biological sequence  
> information. Initially started as framework to read and write the  
> plethora of available sequence file formats, we work to make  
> BioCocoa a more general bioframework leveraging the power of the  
> objective-C language and Cocoa frameworks. Eventually, we aspire to  
> become siblings of OpenBio.org projects like BioJava, BioPerl,  
> BioRuby. During a short presentation and discussion session we  
> would like to present the BioCocoa framework and discuss its  
> possibilities. We welcome everybody interested in developing  
> bioscience applications to join in and help us build the ideal  
> foundation for the next generation Mac bio apps. See you there!
> URL: http://bioinformatics.org/project/?group_id=318
> Topics being covered during presentation:
> - introduction to BioCocoa
> - framework structure and layout
> - design principles and choices
> - current status
> - future plans
> - Q&A, discussion
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