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Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Tue Apr 11 09:49:01 EDT 2006

hmm, who is poor now huh, after Koen sends his men in black and I  
can't forward them to you because I'm a poor reader of your  
website... ;-(
Cheers ;-)

On 11-apr-2006, at 15:45, Peter Schols wrote:

>>> - I've added support for reading sequence files that weren't  
>>> saved as plain-text but as rtf, basically adding a check and  
>>> converting the file to plain text before continuing with the  
>>> normal format determination
>> That would be  great addition.
> Agreed!!!
>> BCSequenceReader now works very different from the way BCReader  
>> does. I am not using a matrixDictionary anymore (see my comments  
>> in the previous mail, and the actual code). The current  
>> BCSequenceReader already reads a raw file in as one whole.
>> BTW, be careful with what you put in your README for EnzymeX. I  
>> noticed you wrote that it supports BEAST and TNT formats, but I  
>> don't see those in  BCReader. Unless you have a local version that  
>> does, of course ;-)  I'll have a look at the readseq code later.
> Maybe Alex got confused when reading our website: the BioCocoa site  
> mentions these formats indeed, but keep in mind that this  
> description still only applies to the GNUStep compatible version I  
> created for a paper (which has become the 1.6). Please also note  
> that the support for the Beast format is write-only (no reading) as  
> is also mentioned on the BioCocoa website.
> Conclusion: I'm in no way liable for any financial claims from  
> Mekentosj or their respective customers, I'm just a poor  
> developer ;-)))
> (and getting poorer...)
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