[Biococoa-dev] KDTextView update

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 13 19:50:32 EDT 2006

On Apr 13, 2006, at 6:47 AM, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:

> The big problem with textShouldChange (and thus the current  
> implementation) is that it only allows YES or NO insert this  
> string, you can't modify the string. No problem a single character,  
> but if someone drags or paste let's say ATTAATAGATGAF then you  
> would disallow that because it contains the F. What you want  
> however is to allow it, but filter the F.

I don't think a textview should take of filtering, it should just  
display a string. The controller should take care of the filtering,  
which would be more an MVC approach.

> A solution in the context of what you had in mind would be to  
> delegate the filtering to the controller in those methods that I  
> override, which is easy to do and elegant.

That's indeed a more MVC approach, so I will look into that.

BTW, I think you forgot to include the Color_Extension and  
String_Extension files. The latter I guess contains the  
filterDNABases method?


- Koen

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