[Biococoa-dev] KDTextView update

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 13 21:28:22 EDT 2006

On Apr 13, 2006, at 8:00 PM, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:

> That's the difference between providing something for extensive  
> reuse and something that fulfils specific needs in my app ;-)
> Usually, the latter evolves slowly to the first, with the pressure  
> on slowly, that's why it's done that way yet, at least the "proper"  
> idea is there ;-)

Fair enough. I have committed the changes, including a new delegate  
method for BCSequenceView: filterInputString. The Translation demo  
uses it as follows, using the symbolSet of the BCSequence that is  
connected to each textView:

- (NSString *)filterInputString: (NSString *) inputString textView:  
(BCSequenceView *)textView
	BCSymbolSet	*symbolSet;
  // need to filter for rich text here
	if ( textView == theInput )
		symbolSet = [theDNA symbolSet];
		return [symbolSet stringByRemovingUnknownCharsFromString:  
	else if (textView == theOutput)
		symbolSet = [theProtein symbolSet];
		return [symbolSet stringByRemovingUnknownCharsFromString:  
	return inputString;

However, it does not have the same functionality as the filter that  
Alex made, i.e. renaming all ambiguous symbols into 'N'.

We also need a method to return a plain NSString from richtext input,  
though. For instance, I copy-pasted the short sequence that Alex gave  
as an example (ATTAATAGATGAF ), but that was rich text from Mail.app,  
so it showed up as follows in the view:


I couldn't find a method in the FoundationKit, so I started a  
category method in BCUtilString, but it is not working yet. This  
method can then also be used in BCSequenceReader.

Finally, copy-paste within the sequenceview isn't working.


- Koen.

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