[Biococoa-dev] KDTextView update

Alexander Griekspoor a.griekspoor at nki.nl
Sat Apr 15 18:02:51 EDT 2006

Ha, never thought about that one, great job!
Now, there's two options, one: document this so that people make sure  
they turn it off in their nib files, or two: make sure we  
programatically to this upon awakeFromNib, so that we override the  
interface builder settings. We still should document that, I guess.  
Before anyone starts thinking why his spellchecker doesn't work  
despite the proper IB settings ;-)

On 15-apr-2006, at 20:34, Koen van der Drift wrote:

> On Apr 14, 2006, at 4:53 PM, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:
>> Still it is weird that rtf works fine in enzymeX, the problem thus  
>> must be in the different type of filtering..
> Aha, found it. It had to do with the settings in the Nib file. I  
> turned off Multiple Fonts Allowed, and Continuous Spell Checker for  
> the sequence views, and it worked as you described. I will also add  
> those settings in the code, just to be sure.
> cheers,
> - Koen.
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