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Great news from bioinformatics.org!

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> Subject: [Bioinformatics.Org] NEW FEATURE: Subversion (SVN) version  
> control system for projects
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> Dear Bioinformatics.Org project administrator,
> We're pleased to announce another addition to the services offered  
> to bioinformatic developers at Bioinformatics.Org.  Effective  
> immediately, developers may use the Subversion (SVN) version  
> control system on our servers.  Subversion was developed "to take  
> over the CVS user base," according to the Subversion website.   
> "Specifically, we're writing a new version control system that is  
> very similar to CVS, but fixes many things that are broken."  Here  
> are a few of the advantages of using Subversion over CVS (from the  
> website):
> * Directories, renames, and file meta-data are versioned.
>     Lack of these features is one of the most common complaints  
> against CVS.
>     Subversion versions not only file contents and file existence,  
> but also
>     directories, copies, and renames. It also allows arbitrary  
> metadata
>     ("properties") to be versioned along with any file or  
> directory, and
>     provides a mechanism for versioning the `execute' permission  
> flag on files.
> * Commits are truly atomic.
>     No part of a commit takes effect until the entire commit has  
> succeeded.
>     Revision numbers are per-commit, not per-file; log messages are  
> attached
>     to the revision, not stored redundantly as in CVS.
> * Versioning of symbolic links
>     Unix users can place symbolic links under version control. The  
> links are
>     recreated in Unix working copies, but not in win32 working copies.
> * Efficient handling of binary files
>     Subversion is equally efficient on binary as on text files,  
> because it uses
>     a binary diffing algorithm to transmit and store successive  
> revisions.
> Subversion at Bioinformatics.Org makes use of svnserve over SSH for  
> developer access (anonymous access uses ordinary svnserve).   
> Instructions on using Subversion at BiO can be found here:
>     http://bioinformatics.org/docs/svn/
> We also have the WebSVN interface set up:
>     http://bioinformatics.org/websvn/
> If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask  
> <sysadmins at bioinformatics.org>.
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