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Hi guys,

I registered for a poster session at the WWDC using the following  
abstract (a slight adaption from what we used last year).


The BioCocoa project at bioinformatics.org

Title of Poster

BioCocoa – A Cocoa framework for handling and manipulating biological  

Abstract Text

BioCocoa is an opensource Cocoa framework for bioinformatics written  
in Objective-C. We intend to provide Cocoa programmers with a full  
suite of tools for handling and manipulating biological sequence  
information. Initially started as framework to read and write the  
plethora of available sequence file formats, we work to make BioCocoa  
a more general bioframework leveraging the power of the objective-C  
language and Cocoa frameworks. Eventually, we aspire to become  
siblings of OpenBio.org projects like BioJava, BioPerl, and BioRuby.  
We will discuss the framework structure and layout, its design  
principles, current status and future plans, and will show examples  
of applications that already use the BioCocoa framework.

URL: http://www.bioinformatics.org/biococoa/

> So what's going to be on the poster? Just a copy of the website, or  
> some more stuff. For instance a screenshot of apps that use BioCocoa.

After my trip next week back to Holland I'll try to wrap up some  
ideas into a draft poster that we can work further on.

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