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Alexander Griekspoor mekentosj at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 08:10:28 EDT 2006

Hi guys,

Good news, the poster entry has been accepted. I will try to come up  
with a draft the coming week as a base to start from. As said I  
entered a poster about the mekentosj programs as well, which also got  
accepted, so Peter and Phil will represent the BioCocoa team at the  
WWDC during the poster session.

Begin forwarded message:

> From: WWDCPosterSubmit <wwdcpostersubmit at apple.com>
> Date: 8 juli 2006 3:08:15 GMT+02:00
> To: a.griekspoor at nki.nl
> Subject: Acceptance: WWDC2006 Scientific Development Poster Session
> Alexander,
> Thank you for submitting a poster abstract to the WWDC 2006  
> Scientific Development Poster Session.  Your abstract has been  
> reviewed and you have been accepted as a poster presenter at the  
> conference.
> Please arrange to arrive at the conference with your poster  
> outlining the work in your submitted abstract. The guidelines for  
> posters presented at the WWDC and a link to some poster templates  
> that might speed your work are included below for your convenience.
> Additional logistical information about the poster session will be  
> provided to all the accepted authors prior to the conference.  
> Should you be unable to attend the WWDC please send a courtesy  
> email to wwdcpostersubmit at apple.com.  Any questions about the  
> poster session should be sent to wwdcposterquery at apple.com.
> ---------------------
> Suggested poster templates (including style recommendations, color  
> palettes, font groups, and column layouts) that you may use to  
> assist you with the creation of your poster can be downloaded from:  
> http://developer.apple.com/wwdc/WWDC_Poster_Templates.zip.
> Please be aware of the following poster guidelines:
> Posters must:
> Be 3’ high x 4’ wide landscape - not separate sheets hung  
> individually.
> Consist of material based on the abstract submitted to Apple
> Each poster presentation will occupy one-half of one side of a  
> freestanding, poster display board. The poster board will  
> accommodate pushpins and will be Velcro-receptive. Apple will  
> supply push pins. Presenters will be responsible for supplying  
> their own Velcro. No tape will be allowed.
> The following general suggestions may help you create an  
> exceptional looking poster:
> Layout:
> The width of text boxes and lines of text should contain about 10  
> to 12 words or 40 characters
> Avoid overcrowding the poster. Ample use of white space will make  
> the poster more readable
> Text:
> Title letters should be not less than 1 inch high and not more than  
> 3 inches high
> Words should be spelled out, avoiding ambiguous abbreviations
> Words should run horizontally from left to right, not vertically or  
> diagonally
> The text, tables and graphics should look integrated by using the  
> same typeface family and style
> Type should be in upper and lower case in a sans serif face (e.g.,  
> Helvetica or Arial) that is clear and precise
> Use Italics rather than underlining when necessary
> Avoid blocks of text longer than 8-10 sentences; wherever possible  
> use bulleted sentences rather than blocks of text
> Lettering for text in the body of the poster should be readable  
> from at least 4 feet away - use text that is at least 3/8-inch in  
> height
> Graphics:
> Tables are preferable to graphics for small data sets, whereas  
> charts are preferable for data sets of greater than five or more  
> groups
> Illustrations and graphs should have accompanying captions
> Elaborately coded shadings, cross-hatching and colors should be  
> avoided
> Printing
> A matte finish on the posters or uncoated paper provides better  
> visibility and reduces glare.
> On Jul 2, 2006, at 4:58 AM, a.griekspoor at nki.nl wrote:
>> Poster Submission from
>> Alexander Griekspoor
>> Organization: The BioCocoa project at bioinformatics.org
>> Email address: a.griekspoor at nki.nl
>> Phone: +31 20 512 2023
>> Poster Title: BioCocoa – A Cocoa framework for handling and  
>> manipulating biological sequences
>> Abstract:
>> BioCocoa is an opensource Cocoa framework for bioinformatics  
>> written in Objective-C. We intend to provide Cocoa programmers  
>> with a full suite of tools for handling and manipulating  
>> biological sequence information. Initially started as framework to  
>> read and write the plethora of available sequence file formats, we  
>> work to make BioCocoa a more general bioframework leveraging the  
>> power of the objective-C language and Cocoa frameworks.  
>> Eventually, we aspire to become siblings of OpenBio.org projects  
>> like BioJava, BioPerl, BioRuby. We will discuss the framework  
>> structure and layout, its design principles, current status and  
>> future plans, and will show examples of applications that already  
>> use the BioCocoa framework.
>> URL: http://www.bioinformatics.org/biococoa/

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