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Peter Schols peter.schols at mac.com
Fri Jun 23 04:20:11 EDT 2006

Hi Tenzin,

Thanks for your comments on the CSS layouts!
I'm pretty sure it will become easier to bring Cocoa projects to  
GNUStep over the coming months, thanks to NIB improvements Apple will  
introduce. That way, Xcode projects could maybe even directly opened  
by the GORM

All the best,


On 23 Jun 2006, at 00:31, Tenzin Togden wrote:

> Hello.
> I've been quiet throughout this year.
> Recently took a break and have been playing with CSS a bit myself,
> so one thing I can do is give feedback.
> Option 1 :
> First impression - a lotus flower, perfect ... I can't help this  
> reaction,
> I practice buddhist medicine and the plant symbolises a lot.
> Clarity, and memories of having worked with stunningly beautiful  
> plants,
> in the Himalaya.. Colours, a green, natural look ... also perfect.
> Sometimes I spend so much time up to my elbows in code I forget that
> the large bundles of alphanumerics, collection of frameworks, apps,
> and sometimes very pretty visual output all go towards healing,
> and if we don't see a plant or patient for months,
> we're still practicing a form of medicine :)
> This option works for me, and would be consistent with CSS I am using,
> although personally I would have chose a lighter grey background,
> somewhere around #e0e0e0, #d9d9d9 and #cccccc.
> Option 2 :
> First impression - technology, science fiction almost.
> Well, this is what biotechnology is, a medical science where people
> understand nature at it's highest levels, and create or synthesize  
> anew,
> medicines and living beings, using highly complex machines to do so :)
> This has a clinical, lab feel that will appeal to many.I personally  
> prefer
> a slightly darker, NeXT - Rhapsodesque shade of blue, but that's me.
> In both cases the Biococoa text in the header graphic doesn't survive
> rescaling so well, for small screen rendering on cellphone and pda,
> but the body text is perfectly readable.
> If I'd had to design a header or logo for BioCocoa myself,
> I would have started with the name itself, and be trying to mix a  
> photo
> of a coffee plant, with renders of the most visually interesting  
> molecules from it.
> Possibly with a fixed background image for the body, of a lot of  
> ASCII DNA code
> ala the original BioCocoa icon and logo, in white on light off- 
> white grey.
> Again, that's just me.
> Off topic ...
> Hello everyone,
> the reason you don't hear from me is I am not good enough at  
> programming
> to create for myself GNUstep makefiles from XCode or .proj.
> I use the Biococoa Sequence Converter, and look forward to NIB
> support in GNUstep improving to include XCode.
> Or I learn enough about makefiles to do that myself but this will  
> take time
> as will understanding the framework enough to make good use of it.
> Let alone contribute.
> Or I get a Mac capable of running OSX when I can afford it :)
> I'm currently looking for biotech journalist work to finance my own  
> research.
> Tenzin

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