[Biococoa-dev] BioCocoa homepage

Peter Schols peter.schols at mac.com
Mon Jun 26 12:33:18 EDT 2006

Hi Alex,

> Looks very good!! I too prefer option 2 much over option 1,

Since an overwhelming majority seems to be in favor of option 2, I'll  
stick with that one ;-)

> the DNA picture is awesome, where did you get that from? I.a.w. can  
> it also be used for more BioCocoa promotion stuff like the poster?

Yep, with the poster in mind (and other promotional gadgets such as t- 
shirts, caps, ...) I purchased the high-res version at istockphoto.com.

> If so, do you have it at higher resolution, than if you send it I  
> will try to do an initial setup of the poster in the same style as  
> option 2.

I'll send you the image (in a separate email).
It would be great if you could have a first go at the poster



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