[Biococoa-dev] More goodies!!

Alexander Griekspoor a.griekspoor at nki.nl
Mon Mar 6 05:08:11 EST 2006

Hi guys,

With EnzymeX3 now in beta testing phase it's time to share the wealth...
I've thrown together a very simple demo app showing the three goodies  
I would like to donate back to the BioCocoa project:
	- BCReader, the standalone BCReader classes for sequence file IO  
(original version Peter Schols)
	- EntrezController, a controller plus view for browsing and fetching  
NCBI's Entrez Database
	- KDTextView+, a custom NSTextView for displaying biological  
sequences (original version Koen van der Drift)

Download and enjoy at: http://www.mekentosj.com/biococoa/ 
Of course all feedback and bug reports are welcome (or not depending  
on how you interpret this sentence ;-)

Also, coming back to Koen's remark. There are a few things I/we could  
First, it would be nice if it had these views mentioned as available  
on the website and the code given a place on the svn server.
Second, we could perhaps post a small announcement (few lines) on  
cocoa-dev to notify other cocoa developers, also letting them know  
about BioCocoa again.
Finally, we could compose a little message to MacResearch describing  
the BioCocoa project and also the availability of this code.
Alternatively, I can inform them about it when we release the EnzymeX  
final version. I believe Tom spoke a few times with the guys behind  
MacResearch, so we could inform them directly.. Let me know what you  
guys think.

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