[Biococoa-dev] Subversion proposal

Peter Schols peter.schols at bio.kuleuven.be
Wed Mar 8 11:26:14 EST 2006

Hi Koen,

All webfiles are in the public_html folder. You can access this  
folder by using SFTP with your bioinf. username and password.
I hope you'll have permissions to access these files. I checked on  
the bioinf. website and there don't seem to be separate settings for  
FTP access, so I guess all group members can login. If not, please  
let me know.


On 07 Mar 2006, at 23:53, Koen van der Drift wrote:

> On Mar 7, 2006, at 3:47 AM, Peter Schols wrote:
>> If you can't wait, feel free to do so yourself, the website is  
>> open-source too ;-))
> I will look into setting up the wiki page, so where can I access  
> and edit the webfiles ? They are not in the source code tree.
> cheers,
> - Koen.

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