[Biococoa-dev] Initial Subversion import

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 9 20:27:42 EST 2006

> Later tonight, I will se how well it works with Xcode :)

Hooray! That works too. Just make sure that you set the path to your  
svn binary. It's not installed by default (at least I didn't have it)  
so I installed it with fink. In that case the path is /sw/bin/svn. I  
hop the project doesn't get confused when others have a different  
location for their svn/

I have done an initial import of the strider and gck formats into  
BCSequenceReader. I am not familiar with those formats, so have only  
added code to import the sequence itself. The comments still need to  
be added to what I called the 'annotationsArray' Feel free to have a  
look at it and see how the annotationsArray is used for other formats.

- Koen.

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