[Biococoa-dev] wiki

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 9 21:20:26 EST 2006


I was looking into setting up the wiki page for BioCocoa, and have  
been in contact with Jeff from Bioinformatics.org about that. In  
contrast to the info on the nwes website, not every project already  
has a wiki setup by default. That would include us. There are  
actually a few ways to do it, and I wanted to check with you first  
before I proceed. Here's what he replied:

It is possible to combine the wiki with the existing website,  
provided none of the file names conflict.

You may also choose to do as one other project has done: create a  
second directory in public_html named "BioCocoa-wiki" for that purpose.

And, of course, you may choose to completely replace the existing  
webpage with the wiki.

My preference would be to leave the current website for publicity  
purposes (screenshots, downloads, etc), and set up a wikipage for  
everything else. So that would be either option 1 or 2. Option 2  
seems the most logical to me: http://bioinformatics.org/biococoa/wiki/

Let me know what you think and I can contact the admins from  
Bioinformatics.org to set up the wiki for us.

I also forwarded him the concern from Charles for the svn and  
BerkeleyDB conflicts, here is his answer (actually a question):

Regarding SVN/BerkeleyDB, we're noticing the "corruption problem".   
We think it's actually a DB locking problem and no corruption is  
actually occurring.  We have a cron script check on the DBs because  
of this.  Do you know if there is a replacement (planned) for  
Berkeley DB in SVN?

Let me know if any of you can answer that,


- Koen.

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