[Biococoa-dev] Initial Subversion import

Peter Schols peter.schols at bio.kuleuven.be
Fri Mar 10 18:17:17 EST 2006

Hi Charles,

> Is that for anonymous checkout?
> One has to add the username, if different from your username on  
> your computer: username at bioinformatics.org/......

Indeed, for me it would become: svn checkout svn+ssh:// 
peterschols at bioinformatics.org/svnroot/BioCocoa

> What version are you guys using? Just to troubleshoot a problem I  
> have (see below).


> I have a funny thing happening:
> * ssh works fine with my key; I can ssh in without typing a password
> * svn+ssh does not seem to use the key thing; it asks for my  
> password; actually, it asks 3 times, and I really have to enter the  
> right password 3 times, so it is like every operation needs some  
> authentication, and my authentication does not last.

I experienced the same problem, it went away after creating a new key.


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