[Biococoa-dev] strider and gck format

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Sat Mar 25 11:17:54 EST 2006

> Somewhere I have a feeling that we may need to subclass the  
> layoutmanager, instead of the textcontainer, though. For my  
> linenumber code it works well with the textcontainer subclass,  
> however, for biological sequences that require more advanced  
> layouts, including the columns, it may not be sufficient. This may  
> also help to draw annotations, lines, markers, etc. I will look a  
> bit more into this this weekend.

Yes, I got that idea too, still, everything works perfectly except  
for this minor issue. So I hope to not have to do that. Also, if you  
think about it, the textcontainer is the place to be also for things  
like annotations and stuff, the layoutmanager does the layout but it  
is the role of the textcontainer to tell where.
Also, the textcontainer is quite light weight and still relatively  
basic, so nice to subclass. The layoutmanager is a monster in terms  
of complexity.
> I haven't seen any mails from cocodev in a couple of hours, I guess  
> their mailing listserver has some hiccups.
Aha, that explains a lot...

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