[Biococoa-dev] Biococoa2 Install issue

paolo siniselli paolo_siniselli at yahoo.it
Mon Jul 14 17:06:22 EDT 2008

I'm trying to install BioCocoa2 on my Linux Debian (Lenny)
I've already installed GNUstep
So I went into truck/GNUstep folder and I typed "make install" but I received an error back:
GNUmakefile:27: *** You need to run the GNUstep configuration script before compiling!.  Stop.

Those are the files in GNUstep directory:
aminoacids.plist  GNUmakefile.postamble  GNUmakefile.subproj
GNUmakefile       GNUmakefile.preamble   nucleotides.plist

And those are the file in truck direcotry:
BCAppKit           BioCocoa.xcodeproj  Examples     Publications.txt
BCFoundation       Copying.txt         GNUstep      Readme.txt
BC.icns            DeveloperDocs       license.txt  Resources
BioCocoa_Prefix.h  Documentation       main.c       Tests


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