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Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 28 16:10:26 EDT 2008


I don't recall what the original license was, but yes, at one point in time we decided to move to CC. I could look at home in my email box what the reasoning was for that, or you may find it in the archives. Does Debian require a GPL license, or is CC also allowed? I'm fine with adding a list of authors, and removing "The BioCocooa Team". Please add Charles Parnot to the list of authors.


- Koen.

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>Greetings all,
>I have been working with a Debian group to get BioCocoa included as a  
>standard Debian package.  One of the things that needs to be resolved  
>is the license for BioCocoa.
>There is both a Copying.txt which has GPL V2 and license.txt which has  
>Creative Commons BT-SA-2.5, but all the source code files seem to  
>mention that they are covered by creative commons.  Am I correct in  
>assuming that BioCocoa was originally under the GPL, but it was  
>decided to move to creative commons?
>Also, many of the file mention the copyright held by "The BioCocoa  
>Project".  I've been following that convention with the new files I  
>create.  However, The BioCocoa Project is not a legal entity, like a  
>real non-profit organization, is that right?  If that is the case, I  
>think it would be more appropriate that individual authors held  
>copyright to files.  We cannot assign copyright to a virtual entity,  
>and to be truly legal we would need legal documents from each author,  
>which is a pain.  I think we can have an Authors.txt file which lists  
>all the contributors as a way of recognition.
>Here are all the authors I could pull out from the source code files,  
>am I missing anybody?
>Koen van der Drift
>Alexander Griekspoor
>Philipp Seibel
>John Timmer
>Peter Schols
>Scott Christley
>Lastly there are some files mentioning Mekentosj.com and require that  
>"credit is given in all documents and publicity".  This requirement  
>isn't going to fly with Linux distributions because in theory they  
>would have to add this to their website, etc. etc.  Can this  
>restriction be removed?  I don't think that these files are actually  
>being compiled right now but they are in the source.
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