[Biococoa-dev] new release?

Scott Christley scott.christley at uci.edu
Tue Sep 30 14:01:48 EDT 2008

Hello All,

I would like to put together a new release of BioCocoa.  I've started  
the process to get BioCocoa packaged into downstream Linux  
distributions like Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora.  Though this will take  
some time, having a new release will help out testing of the  
packaging.  There is still work to be done on the GNUstep/Linux side  
of things, but mostly this is figuring out Cocoa'isms (documentation,  
test suite), the BCFoundation functionality appears to be working well.

This will also alleviate some users wanting to use the ultraconserved  
application I published, which currently requires them to compile the  
source code from SVN.

Any suggestions, comments?

I'm gonna do a walk-through of the whole release process, then write  
up a wiki page with the steps.


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