[Biococoa-dev] read Fasta File with gap symbols

Scott Christley schristley at mac.com
Thu Apr 2 14:52:15 EDT 2009

On Apr 2, 2009, at 12:35 AM, Stephan wrote:

> I found the problem. The newest BioCocoa trunk needs the Mac OS X  
> 10.5 SDK. Stuff like NSUInteger from the Foundation-framework is not  
> defined in previous SDKs... too bad, seems like I really have to  
> upgrade my MacBook to Leopard then...

Okay, yeah, that triggered a memory cell.  With Leopard, Cocoa goes 64- 
bit so they introduced these NSUInteger types to manage quad-fat  
compilation.  Alexander's typedefs should do the trick, can you try?   
Add the typedefs to the BCInternal.h file, then have BCUtilStrings.m  
include BCInternal.h if it isn't already.


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