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The staff of Life Science Editorial Ltd. are all native English speakers with extensive experience in language revision of draft English manuscripts for leading researchers at universities and for drug companies. Our expertise in editing English texts from all fields of medicine and the life sciences has the potential to render invaluable support to you or your colleagues who are preparing scientific manuscripts.
 Manuscripts submitted for publication in an international journal need not run the risk of being rejected because of "poor English". 
 Non-native English speakers can also be confident that the scientific content of papers will get the reception they deserve. 
 Please specify whether you would like a quote for "polishing" an English manuscript for publication or presentation at an international meeting. The reception by journal reviewers and congress participants can be substantially enhanced.
 Projects to be completed in 2011 will receive a special rebate of 20% if they are prepaid before the end of 2010.
 Please send:
1) General price information for polishing English drafts

2) A free quote for language revision of the appended draft English manuscript 

3) Please call me to discuss next year's publication projects  (advance payment in 2010)
 4) Please delete my email address (Unsubscribe)
 Draft papers sent to us so that we can send you a quote will be treated as absolutely confidential.
 J. Williams, B.Sc. Applied Biology
 Life Science Editorial Ltd.
 United Kingdom
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