[Biodevelopers] 98/384/1536 well microplate database schema?

Mike Benway mbenway at yahoo.com
Thu May 1 11:03:34 EDT 2003

Hi.I have a process that generates lot’s of data from 384 well plates. That is, three hundred –eighty four real numbers.The entity is the plate. Some plates can even be 1536 well formats. That’s a lot of real numbers for a database table.384 columns might even be too many for any available database?It strikes me that this must be a very common application, and there has got to be a better schema for representing plate data. (as columns of arrays, or as blobs or what?)Does anyone have any knowledge of an open-source implementation that stores plate data in a database that I could look at?I can’t believe that databases would be used just to store links to spreadsheets.Thanks

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