[Biodevelopers] ID recognition + ID mapping

Christophe Bouvard cbouvard at tri-london.ac.uk
Thu May 29 13:37:36 EDT 2003


I am a new member of this list. Before asking my two questions, here is a
very short presentation of me:
I am a french guy called Christophe. I currently work at the Thrombosis
Research Institute (based on London). I started in the bioinformatics' world
a month ago. My work is about the implementation of an functional data bank
that is dedicated to genes implicated in atherothrombosis and the
development of related tools.


I have got any ID. [Example: AF509570, AAM34744.1, ACOB_TRINI, NM_009127,
20245, etc.]
How can I get the information about this ID?
Which database? [Respectively EMBL, TrEMBL, SwissProt, Ensembl, LocusLink,
If it is possible, how can I automate this recognition? (Perl, Java, C... I
don't care!)


I have got any ID (but now I know where it comes from, thanks to you!).
How can I get the correspondant IDs from others databases?
Is there a mapping between IDs?
Of course, I need a programmable solution.

Thank you very much,



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