[Biodevelopers] Re: Sencel and Altivec (fwd)

Chris Dwan (CCGB) cdwan at mail.ahc.umn.edu
Wed Nov 5 21:37:11 EST 2003

Just received the note below from Dr. Pearson.  This puts things in
better perspective for me:

> Sencel has applied for a patent for the general method described
> by Rognes and Seeberg (2000) Bioinformatics 16:699.
> Unfortunately, we did not know that when we re-implemented their
> algorithm for Altivec. I do not know whether they have received the
> patent, but, since they warned us, if they do get the patent, the
> University might be liable for infringement.
> So I no longer distribute the code.  The last version of the Altivec
> distribution was fasta34t22b4.shar.Z.
> We are currently working (rather slowly) on an alternate vector
> solution that does not violate their patent.  It's really pretty
> simple, but I don't have a person in my lab right now who speaks
> Altivec and has time to implement the alternative approach.


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