[Biodevelopers] help!!!

Michel Dumontier micheld at mshri.on.ca
Tue Nov 25 12:38:28 EST 2003

The CDEntrez is from days gone by when the NCBI database could fit on cds...
so it seems as though the toolkit (and you) are linking to the CD entrez
library rather than the NetEntrez library. Check your makefile. Use the
Nentrez application to get sequences.

Here's a guide to connecting to the Entrez service by code



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can anybody help me to figure out the problem? (programming with NCBI c
*************************************************************** (question 1)
i always get the following error message when trying to retrieve neighbours
of the seq

in my code:
lsp1 = EntrezUidLinks(TYP_SEQ, uid, TYP_SEQ);

the error message:
<<< Re-establishing Entrez Service >>>
<<<        Requesting Entrez service         >>>

[OrgProt] FATAL ERROR: NetUidLinks failure

how can i solve this problem?
*************************************************************** (question 2)
another problem is that whenever i run the program "getseq" i get the error

[getseq] ERROR: CdEntrez module is not configured correctly.  Please run
EntrezCf to correct the problem.
[getseq] Init failed
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