[Biodevelopers] RDBMS vers new data model

thorsten.ries at tudor.lu thorsten.ries at tudor.lu
Thu Apr 22 09:44:50 EDT 2004

Hello Guenther,

> Hi Hari,
> What kind of warehousing are you thinking of? I would be very interested 
> =20
> discuss this topic since we made lots of experience in this field using 
> tgres.

What kind of warehouse were you testing and what is your experience with 

> I think one of the biggest challenges in this field is not the use of 
> but the development AND maintenance of a proper data model. Without a=20
> decent model the database is nothing but a fancy file system (in extreme 
> rds).

That's exactly my opinion too! It less than optimal to adapt the special 
properties of biological data to a RDBMS. Instead a global view will be 
necessary to develop a new kind of a data model combined with an adapted 
Information Retrieval or Data mining, Storage layer,...  to fulfil the 
biological needs. 

Do you have already an idea, where to go?



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