[Biodevelopers] Pipeline process descriptions (tool usage explanations)

Adam MacDonald adamm at cs.dal.ca
Tue Apr 27 13:54:51 EDT 2004

Hi folks:
I'm a grad student in CS and I'm hoping to enter a bioinf program in the
Fall.  I have a relatively good background in molecular bio, but I'm
having trouble understanding some common work processes people are using.
Basically, I don't know why people are using something like a Blastp or a
Genscan in a certain point in their studies as opposed to using and doing
something else.  I'm sorry if this sounds so basic, but I'm really trying
to understand the fundamentals first.  Basically, what are some common
steps used in a bioinf study that would help someone in a hypotehtical
drug discovery process?

Does anyone know any resources that describe the common steps that are
done in a bioinf study? Like, identify a gene from a sequence, then
identify a protein from it, then identify any homologies from that protein
etc.  I'm trying to understand "why" certain steps are taken. What some
characteristic tasks people do in bioinf and how they are used in general
drug-discovery?  I can't make sense of all these tools otherwise and why
people are using some and not others.  Many thanks.

Adam MacDonald
Computing Science
Dalhousie University

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