[Biodevelopers] BIND API

Marc Dumontier mrdumont at blueprint.org
Wed Feb 23 16:12:02 EST 2005

Hi Rich,

We are currently in the process of releasing a BIND SOAP Server which 
includes methods for querying BIND data. Things like searchById and 
searchByText, and getting the results back in the same formats available 
on the web application (xml,bindid list, psi level 2, etc.). DIME/MIME 
attachments will be supported for large queries as well.

The server implementation is the jakarta AXIS server. We will be 
providing demo code in Java,C++ (gsoap), perl, and python, as well as 
user documentation.

The tentative release deadline is April 1st,2005.

If you want to try it out sooner, like a lot sooner, send me a note, and 
I can set you up as a BETA tester....any feedback we can get before the 
actual release is important to us. If anyone else on the list is also 
interested, feel free to contact me.

Marc Dumontier
Sr. BIND Software Developer
Blueprint Initiative
(416) 596-8505 x6311

rich wrote:

> Hi, i can't seem to find any bioperl modules and i'm pretty sure the 
> seqhound api doesn't deal with the BIND database. Anyone got any neat 
> automated way of querying the db
> short of downloading the text files form the BIND site,
> cheers
> Rich
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