[Biodevelopers] Internship Advise

Arman Aksoy armish at linux-sevenler.org
Mon Nov 13 12:59:19 EST 2006

Hi all,

If this kind of e-mail was posted before, I really want to apologise it  but I need some fresh info about internships and probably you are the best to help or advise me on this.

First of all I am a sophomore student at Molecular Biology and Genetics Depertmant of Bogazici University at Turkey (www.boun.edu.tr).

I have a good computer background included abilities of programming with several languages. I also continue a Double Major Program with Mathematics Department in my school.  

I want to learn if it is ever possible that I can apply to some internships on Bioinformatics. Or if I do, would you recommend some universities for me to apply?

Thanks a lot, regards!

Arman (Armish) Aksoy

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