[Biodevelopers] Large protein strings when doing BLAST?

David Huen smh1008 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Nov 27 15:25:21 EST 2006

On Nov 27 2006, Paul Mooney wrote:

>On 24 Nov 2006, at 19:18, Theodore H. Smith wrote:
>> How large is a "large" protein string normally when doing BLAST?
>> Will do searches for protein strings say consisting of 32KB of letters?
>Can you point me at a protein that has ~32k bases?
>10,000 codons sounds a lot.

Here's a fairly spectacular example:-

Dumpy: 23015 codons for the sheer hell of it. > 110 kb locus in a species 
that begrudges intron size.

David Huen, Genetics, Cambridge

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