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Thu Sep 11 12:28:16 EDT 2008

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

The American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) in Partnership with
The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) and the
statistical genetics community are pleased to invite the submission of
papers, abstracts, panels, and posters for the 2009 AMIA Summit on
Translational Bioinformatics. The Summit will be held March 15-17, 2009,
in San Francisco, California, at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco.

The web page for the meeting:

Call for Papers: Sep 01, 2008 - Sep 24, 2008

Call for Posters: Sep 01, 2008 - Sep 24, 2008

This Summit highlights the multidisciplinary nature of this research
field and provides a unique opportunity to bring together the finest
minds in translational bioinformatics and genetics from the academia,
industry, government and non-profit sectors. It aims to forge new
trans-disciplinary collaborations and identify potential avenues of
research and development across all computational areas of human
diseases and  patient care related to genetic discoveries.

We are certain that you will enjoy this occasion and be inspired. The
past success of biomedical informatics in transforming clinical research
and patient care is merely a glimpse to the remarkable promises it holds
as genetic discoveries and bioinformatics enrich one another.

I hope to see you in San Francisco in March of 2009!

Dan Nicolae
Track Chair, "Informatics Methods In Genetics Discoveries"

Nancy Cox
Senior Advisor to the Scientific Program

Yves A. Lussier
Scientific Program Committee Chairman

Featured Sessions

Featured Speaker:
Review of the Year: Russ Altman

Featured Tutorials:
  Introduction to Translational Bioinformatics: Atul Butte
  Applied Bioinformatics Tools: Andrea Califano and Aris Floratos
  Additional Tutorials to be announced

Track Information -  For detailed information  and track descriptions go
<http://www.amia.org/meetings/stb09/Summit-CallForParticipation_Final.pdf> http://www.amia.org/meetings/stb09/Summit-CallForParticipation_Final.pdf

Track Descriptions:

Track 1: Informatics Methods for the Analysis of Molecular and Clinical
Track Chairs: Marco Ramoni and Eitan Rubin

Track 2: Computational Approaches to Finding Molecular Mechanisms and
Therapies for Disease. Track Chairs: Olga Troyanskaya and Andrey

Track 3: Relating and Representing Phenotypes and Disease
Track Chairs: Olivier Bodenreider and Maricel G. Kann

Track 4: Dissecting Disease Through the Study of Organisms, Evolution,
and Taxonomy
Track Chair: Indra Neil Sarkar

Track 5: Informatics Concepts, Tools and Techniques to Enable
Integrative Translational Research
Track Chair: Joel Saltz

Track 6: Informatics Methods In Genetics Discoveries and Clinical
Track Chairs: Dan L. Nicolae and Mark Hoffman

Track 7: ISCB Track
Details to be announced.

Scientific Program Committee - for a detailed list go to:

  <http://www.amia.org/meetings/stb09/Summit-CallForParticipation_Final.pdf> http://www.amia.org/meetings/stb09/Summit-CallForParticipation_Final.pdf

Categories of Submission: Download a copy and for format requirements
  <http://www.amia.org/meetings/stb09/Summit-CallForParticipation_Final.pdf> http://www.amia.org/meetings/stb09/Summit-CallForParticipation_Final.pdf

Paper Presentation: The SPC solicits papers on the latest progress on
using informatics approaches to improve translational biomedical

Abstract Presentation: NEW FOR 2009!
This classical venue for clinical and biological conferences has been
provided in order to allow presentation of results otherwise destined
for journal publications.

Posters: Poster sessions are a component of the summit designed to offer
direct access to the authors in a way not possible through podium
presentations. Posters are the preferred format for presenting
preliminary research results or results of small scale studies.

Panels: Panel topics may be on a specific aspect of theory, application,
or experience pertaining to any aspect of biomedical or health
informatics, or may provide interdisciplinary viewpoints that cut across
traditional themes.

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