[Biophp-dev] Ok. Im new Hows the deal?

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Tue, 22 Apr 2003 23:49:43 -0600

On Tuesday 22 April 2003 08:32 pm, Andrés Pinzón wrote:
> How's the organization here?, i mean i've been taking a look at the scripts
> at biophp, but i can not realize if someone is in charge of something in
> particular. This is my first time with CVS and that stuff  (so i'm gettin
> used to), i`ve been also looking at the genbank's ANSI.1, and trying to
> realize how the parser could be ("any help will help").

The organization is brand new and still being worked out - I think Nico's
suggestion to get Serge's and my code merged as soon as possible is a good
idea.  Fortunately, Serge and I seem to have been working on slightly
different areas of the same BioPHP concept, so there shouldn't be any 
"clashes" of having two modules that do the same thing to reconcile.

And don't feel bad about not knowing CVS...I'm still getting it worked out
myself, and I keep making a fool of myself messing up imports of the code
(the new 'generic' xml parser class, query poster, and esearch modules, in
their earliest working "semi-official" state, are now up there...but they've
ended up in "biophp/biophp/sean/semi-official" this time...

I need to figure out how to remove the whole structure and start again

> How's the deal with genephp? R those different projects why aren`t they
> unified? Anyway im going to take alook

Well, the main reason is that we both started up our projects about a week or
two apart without know the other was doing the same! (It looks like Serge's
project beat mine to going "live" by a week or two - I actually had a web page
up much longer than that, but since it was only a single page that just said
something to the effect of "wouldn't BioPHP be nice to have?" and had no
real "substance" to it I don't think that counts...).