[Biophp-dev] personal introduction

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Sun, 27 Apr 2003 21:30:55 PST

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 16:08:49 -0500 Andrés Pinzón wrote:

> PD: Could u please tell me what do u do and why r u involved in this
> project
> (xcusme im a curious person)?

Sure.  I am currently a research associate at the UCSF at San Francisco
in the group of Ron Vale.  It is a great position, there is lots of good
research going on, and I am helping people to achieve their goals (see
I have done quite a bit of hands on molecular biology as well as
microscopy in the past.  

I have been programming more or less as a hobby, but always with the idea 
in mind to make something I can use at work.  I have two open source
projects going; an image database for confocal microscopy images
(http://sidb.sf.net) and a generalized web-driven database system for
research labs (http://phplabware.sf.net).  With the latter project, it
was about time to enter some molecular biology artifica inteligence in
the equation, and I feel quite a bit more comfortable in php than perl,
so this project seems like a good one for me...