[Biophp-dev] First, a personal apology...

S Clark biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 29 Apr 2003 19:11:03 -0600

I'll get back to the now-mostly-resolved(?) technical discussion
in a moment, but first:

I've been looking over the mail list and the code submissions
in CVS and so on, and I see where this whole mess that I seem to have started
comes from...

It's my fault.

The whole assumption that GenePHP was going off on 
a different design philosophy comes from my assumption
that Nicos had looked at my parser code BEFORE doing all 
that work on his, and the fact that it turned out in
such a fashion as to be incompatible (without comment)
made me assume that he'd looked at them and rejected
their approach as being the wrong type of design outright.  I had
not realized that he had not found my existing code yet and hadn't known it
was available.

That's where the whole mess started, and it's my fault
for not asking.

It also sinks into my thick skull that all that work on the
parser is the first thing Nicos has contributed, and I 
can my response to the following "we should merge the code
as soon as possible" email could have come across as 
a result sounding like "I can't now and it's all your fault" - 
HOPEFULLY I've gotten across by now that this wasn't at
all my meaning.

It also proves Nicos was right in the first place about
getting the code merged - If I'd had my code merged in
BEFORE he started in on the parser this wouldn't have
even come up...

So...I apologize the the whole list for stirring up this
whole unnecessary mess which could have instead been 
handled with a much simpler technical discussion had I
been paying more attention, and I apologize specifically
to Nicos for seeming to dump on him and his code!