[Biophp-dev] BOSC 2003 Brisbane

Serge Gregorio biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 03 Jul 2003 09:21:44 +0800

Hello all!

Nico, enjoy your week(s) off!  =)

Sean, haven't seen the new CVS at SF yet, as I'm using WebCVS (which reads from their not-so-updated backup server)...  =(

Cayte, how's life treating you?  Anything new on CIF (or anything remotely related to BioPHP)? 

Greg, care to share with us what happened to your presentation (of BioPHP among other things) at BOSC, Brisbane?

Got this from the open-bio.org website (obviously from a participant):

>So you are actually bringing in science with your >rambling and potentially contributing to a quality
>discussion about research articles. The only bad >thing is that words like BIOPHP [emphasis mine] pop >up. What happened to Biopython. Dueling it out PHP >versus Python. Whoah, this is really degenerating. I >need a better filter on my brain.




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