[Biophp-dev] Updates

S Clark biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 3 Jun 2003 12:33:34 -0600

On Tuesday 03 June 2003 10:31 am, Nico Stuurman wrote:

> I'll try them out.  It might be a good idea to include some 'test'
> scripts`, as a demonstration/test of the functionality of the library
> and as a starting point for people to write their own scripts.

Ah, good idea - I actually have a really simple test script for
esearch/esummary, but I see I never bothered to upload it for
everyone else.  I'll get test scripts for those added to CVS today
sometime as well.  Haven't tested them yet, but I've uploaded
my work from yesterday into sean/semi-official (updated xml parser
is in sean/semi-official/support_modules - still need to figure out
where these modules fit in the genephp scheme of things so I can move them.)

> Actually, if you want to try to have a go at the basis of the
> seqIOWrite section, that would be great.  I am very busy doing real
> biology right now, and I doubt I will get started soon on that part..

Will do - that sort of thing will be easy to work on while I'm on the road
without an internet connection, so long as I remember to bring example
data and format specification documents with me.

Serge - will you be doing any work on the seq object over the next
7-10 days or so?  If not, I can also e.g. add interface methods and
perhaps one or two other functions while I'm on the road and upload
the changes when I get back.

Still have a lot of preparation to do for the trip, but I hope to be able
to finish up a few more things (e.g. testing and NCBI BLAST results parser)
before I leave tomorrow.