Re[2]: [Biophp-dev] ftp
Mon, 16 Jun 2003 15:57:19 +0200

hey serge,

SG> Great to hear you've finally found an FTP site.
SG> It's now my turn to ask/beseech you to give me
SG> some time to upload it.  I'm in the process of
SG> relocating so everything here is a mess.  
hehe no problem, we got 36 celsius around here, so i dont bother
sitting on my ... ;)
and also the ftp site is linked to an apache, u can find here:
include the trailing backslash, cutting it off will lead to probs..

SG> Btw, we're moving the CVS into the Sourceforge
SG> site.  Do you have an account there?  If not, 
SG> try to create one so you could avail of its
SG> features like the CVS, the bug trackers, etc.
SG> Just visit this link:
ill do that...

Best regards,