[Biophp-dev] Brief update - No, I'm not dead...

Serge Gregorio biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Sat, 04 Oct 2003 18:33:40 +0800

Hello everyone!  Hi Sean! 

>I got my first chance to use BioPHP code for a 'real->world' project, and was pleased to see that the >BLAST frontend and parser still worked (NCBI had

Hey, this we've got to see.  =) 

>If there is anyone who doesn't want to wait for me >to do this, please speak up - I have no problem >posting the code as it is if anyone is interested in >it (and I will not be removing the less-intuitive

Umm, that depends on how long you think it'd take you to do the extra work.  If you can post them during my three-week break (Oct 16 - Nov 6), much better so I can really take a good look at it.  If not, then it's okay... there's always Christmas!  Hohoho!  =)    

>I have unfortunately not had much time to work on >the 'core seq object re-implementation'.  Is anyone >interested in looking at the layout I've 
>got currently to make comments or suggestions (or >just to work on them)?

Where do you have it in?  A Visio, Dia diagram?  

>On a final note, Serge has mentioned that his >classes are nearly over, so he should be returning >soon.  We may be seeing a flood of code updates 
>at the GenePHP site soon! (Welcome back, Serge!)

Thanks, Sean.  I miss the days (and nights) of coding into the wee hours of the morning, with a cup of coffee in hand!  

While I can't say I've turned into an expert biologist overnight (or over 6 months), I've managed to pick up a few bits and pieces from my classes which will hopefully prove helpful to the BioPHP project.

Frankie, how'd you find the PDF files on computational bio I sent you?  Interesting?  Boring?  Initially, I found it overwhelming.  Imagine being flooded with all the queer-sounding names for the algorithms (e.g. Four Russians algo), but after a while they grow on you...  


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