[Biophp-dev] where are the exporters

Nico Stuurman biophp-dev@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 17:21:19 -0700

Good to hear from you Sean.
How do you like the phpdocumentor documentation 

> Looks like I somehow managed to get my local CVS repository copies
> mixed up (trying to support sourceforge and bioinformatics.org at the 
> same
> time and keep them in sync), which is why the exporters directory was
> never correctly uploaded before...

Right, that is why I would like to get a single repository for biophp...

> It should be there now.  I also added the frontend_blast related files
> to the to-be-removed-any-day-now-as-no-longer-necessary "sean" section,
> forgetting that you'd said you'd already uploaded them.

I did not see the fasta exporter (or any other exporter) yet..

> I'll be a lot happier when this semester is over and I am back to
> only being overworked at work and not 'overworked at work plus trying 
> to
> cram school in at the same time'...

It is only getting worse from here on.  (B.t.w., what are you 

> On the upside, I did, briefly, have a chance to look at SubVersion, and
> at least at a glance, it seems like it'd be a lot easier to use than
> CVS (though still similar enough that it wouldn't be difficult for
> an experienced CVS'er to transition to).  Might be worth looking into -
> supposedly the 'auto-versioning' feature may make it possible for 
> people
> to send updates to the repository via plain old WebDAV.

Could we run SubVersion at bioinformatics.org?  I don't really think it 
will make a whole lot of a difference at the moment, considering the 
immense number of people contributing  (B.t.w, could you add Can Tran 
as a developer?)